Suppression? It’s Only Fair

May 30th, 2012

Inspired by S.E. Cupp’s outrageous statement about voter suppression today on Martin Bashir.


“If Republicans are desperate to keep minorities from voting, I think you could also make the argument that Obama is desperate to retain them… Both sides have politicized the electorate, as recently as yesterday when Obama dispatched Eric Holder to black congregations to teach their congregations how to vote right.” — S.E. Cupp today on Martin Bashir


S.E., your preposterous political platitude

Perfectly describes the GOP attitude.

It’s only fair to try to keep minorities from voting,

Since Obama so much effort to getting them out is devoting.


That’s like saying police are doing their best

Rapists to track down and arrest,

So Republicans should balance that out

By helping rapists from prison break out.


This is the most disgusting example of false equivalence I’ve ever heard,

And clear proof of the GOP practices to which you referred.

Thank you, S.E., for being so forthright

About the voter suppression strategy being pursued by the right.


Here’s S.E. Cupp 5/30/12 on Martin Bashir discussing Florida’s new effort to disenfranchise thousands of Dem-leaning voters. Martin, I’m surprised you didn’t challenge S.E.’s outrageous statement, but Mr. Epstein, I’m sure glad you did.

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