Stunning Bunning (or, I Object)

March 3rd, 2010

Inspired by Jim Bunning’s campaign to end the filibuster (Ezra Klein, 2/26/10), Days later, as a deal emerges, Bunning backs down ( 3/03/10), describing Sen. Jim Bunning’s (R-KY Jelly) courageous stand as the sole Senator blocking extension of unemployment benefits.

Number of times Bunning objected to $10 billion extension of unemployment benefits: 11
Number of days Bunning held up extension of unemployment benefits: 5.
Number of times Bunning objected to $2.4 trillion in unpaid for Bush tax cuts for wealthy: 0
Number of days Bunning held up $2.4 trillion Bush tax cuts for wealthy: 0

Senator Bunning,

Your irresponsibility is stunning.

Time Magazine called you one of the worst Senators ever,

And that was before you launched this latest endeavor.

Over 1.2 million people by your intransigence have been affected.

How in the Heck did you ever get elected?

Over 2000 federal workers have had to be furloughed

Because you the will of the 99 other senators overrode.

You held up Medicare payments to doctors, COBRA, flood insurance, and rural satellite TV

(Now that just seems a little petty).

You held up paychecks for highway workers, small business assistance, and unemployment benefits

(Not action that the middle of a recession befits).

You’ve got the whole country under your thumb,

But in your own mind, you’re the real victim.

But being unemployed is hardly the same

As your missing a college basketball game.

Some say you’re crazy, but I think all you’re doing

Is channeling the crazy that other members are spewing.

(Sen. John Kyle is another example–

Watch his remarks below for a sample).

But when even the rest of the Party of Nope

Tells you that you’re acting like a dope,

That’s pretty good evidence you’ve gone beyond the pale

In your efforts, government spending to curtail.

It’s too bad you didn’t show opposition to uncontrolled spending by Bush

When you helped that $2.4 trillion tax cuts for the wealthy through the Senate push.

That was 240 times the extension the unemployed (and others) waited to get,

But you didn’t mind that deficit spending without offset.

Once again, you’ve shown where your loyalties lie,

And it sure isn’t with the average guy.

You may once have been a major league pitcher,

But I guess now you’re just out to make rich people richer.

And by the way, the tax credit you wanted to use as an offset

Will be eliminated in the healthcare reform bill, in case you forget.

That makes me think the real reason for your objection

Is to deny healthcare the savings, increasing the chances for it’s rejection.

Senator, your concern for fiscal propriety is long overdue.

You object, Senator? No, we do.


Here are Countdown’s 2/26/10, 3/01/10, and 3/02/10 reports. And Kudos to Countdown for the “Bunning on Empty” reference.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here are Jon Stewart’s 3/01/10 and 3/02/10 reports.

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Jim Bunning Is Just a Dick
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And here’s your theme music for today, Running on Empty by Jackson Browne – also appropriately about someone looking back at his past (though without Bunning’s bitterness).

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