Stranger Danger

August 30th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s GOP convention speech.




“Look around you. These aren’t strangers. These are our brothers and sisters, our fellow Americans.” — Mitt Romney convention speech









Yes, look around, convention attendee,

And notice the kind of people you see.


They’re mostly white, and older too.

Notice how much they look like you?


These are the Real Americans, our sisters and brothers.

(Black people don’t count, even with white mothers.)


So watch out! Protect yourself from danger:

Barack Hussein Obama is a stranger!


Here’s Romney’s acceptance speech (the “strangers” comment is at the 25”40 mark). Am I being unfair by taking Romney’s statement out of context? One could argue that, given that Romney’s broader point was one of sympathy for poor Americans, a noble sentiment, even though it was immediately followed by the absurd claim that Obama is to blame for their poverty (the call for compassion gets no applause, but the attack does). But I think it’s more telling that Romney instructed convention attendees to “look around you.” And when they do so, whether there on the convention floor or back home in their own neighborhoods, they see faces like their own, as opposed to the “other” faces that Obama supposedly wants to start providing welfare checks without a work requirement. Given the incredible dishonesty of that claim and the Romney campaign’s ongoing efforts to portray the President as “the Other,” I think the broader context justifies my inference.

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