Straight Shooter

January 14th, 2011

Inspired by Rush Limbaugh’s Tucson Billboard Is Just Perfect (Gawker 1/13/11). It has since been taken down. Why take down the sign if there’s nothing wrong with it?


“Rush Limbaugh: Straight Shooter.” – roadside sign advertising Rush’s radio show in Tucson (with the obligatory bullet holes), taken down shortly after shooting


“Those bullet holes are a little scattered to be a straight shooter. Looks more like ‘Rush Limbaugh, Spray and Pray.'” – Gawker commenter GeorgesDuRoy

If you’re sitting in traffic in Tucson and a little bored,

You might just have noticed this bulletin board.

Maybe you’ll even turn on the radio

And listen to Rush attack people on his show.

Not that Rush Limbaugh violence extols–

It’s just a coincidence that he advertises himself with bullet holes.

No one’s saying Jared Loughner saw the sign

And it triggered something in his warped mind.

But if you’re a guy with a gun who’s estranged

And possibly also little deranged…

Does it help that you soak in all this bile?

Might’nt that make you even more hostile?

Rush will of course tell his viewers that everything’s fine,

But considering the shooting and all the other rhetoric,

It’s a bad sign.

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