Still Something Left (or: Don’t Have a Cao, Man)

March 22nd, 2011

A follow-up to Public Campaign Finance and The Party’s (Not) Over (Yet), inspired by Supreme Court rejects GOP challenge to campaign finance law (Washington Post 3/22/11).

Big chunks of campaign finance law are gone

Because of the legal victories right-wingers have won.

The RNC thought it would be best

To also get rid of the rest.

Citizens United eliminated the limits on “independent” spending,

Causing a surge of right-wing money the RNC would love further extending.

Rep. Joseph Cao sued under the First Amendment to the Constitution

To eliminate the limits on unregulated party-based contribution.

But this time, the Supreme Court said no:

Not every last vestige of regulation has to go.

Even free speech is subject to reasonable regulation

(E.g. the “no yelling fire in a crowded theater” limitation).

As a constitutional matter, I fully agree,

But that doesn’t mean current regs are the best policy.

I personally would significantly increase the maximum individual contribution,

And make those additional funds available for party distribution.

But in the mean time, the system we have needs to stay in place,

So I’m glad the Supreme Court didn’t take Cao’s case.

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