Stay Just A Little Bit(ter) Longer

August 17th, 2010

A follow-up to my earlier pieces, Oh Don’t You Stay and Hip Hip Hooray, There’s (Basically) No Stay (looks like I spoke too soon), inspired by the unfortunate events reported in and Court Rules No Gay Marriages Pending Appeal (Huffington Post 8/16/10) , Appeals court puts gay marriages on hold (Washington Post 8/17/10), and Calif. gays must wait to wed during Prop 8 appeal (Huffington Post 8/17/10).

“Today’s order from the 9th Circuit for an expedited hearing schedule ensures that we will triumph over Prop. 8 as quickly as possible. Our attorneys are ready to take this case all the way through the appeals court and to the United States Supreme Court.” — American Foundation for Equal Rights president Chad Griffin

“My mind boggles that there is a stay on a civil right that has been won? If the Civil War had been won in court instead of battle would we have said, “Yeah sorry, TECHNICALLY you’ve been freed from slavery, but the Confederacy has appealed the decision so your just going to have to keep working the plantations until the appeal process is finished, no matter how long that might take.” — Huffington Post commenter Ianmcc

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeal

Have put a hold on Prop 8’s repeal.

A final decision probably won’t come ‘till next year–

Hopefully, the Appeals Court will to Judge Walker’s decision adhere.

Plaintiffs’ chances are good, Chad Griffin predicts.

Oral arguments are scheduled to begin on December 6

That’s actually fast, said a member of the plaintiff’s legal team,

Though for gays that have already waited, it doensn’t fast seem.

It looks like CA gays will indeed have a little bit longer to wait

Before they can legally conjugate.

It’s frustrating to be so close and then have the prize taken away

(That seems to keep on happening to the California gay).

But to take a Machiavellian view, this might help the November election

By forestalling a Religious Rightist insurrection.

It will give rightists one less reason to come to the polls,

In the enthusiasm department, a reversal of roles.

Sorry, friends, to look at it that way,

But more Dems in November will help everyone, straight and gay.

Should CA (and other) gays be bitter?

Maybe a little… but hopeful is fitter.


Here’s your theme music for today (making another repeat performance), Stay by Jackson Browne from the album Running on Empty. It turns out CA gays will have to wait just a little bit longer…


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