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August 1st, 2011

Inspired by Bittersweet closing (Washington Post 8/01/11) and A Small Business Dies (Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal7/28/11).

“Georgetownloses bakery/diner: Furin’s has called it quits. Karl Rove blames Obama, naturally.” –WashingtonPost page 1 teaser (which at first I thought was a joke, but…)
“This Sunday, while Congress will continue battling over the debt ceiling at one end of Pennsylvania Avenue, across town where Georgetown begins, at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and M Street, Furin’s restaurant will close after 27 years… It is in large part the result of the economy that Mr. Obama owns” – Karl Rove
“We elected President Obama, the American people, but we’re stuck with Bush’s economic policies because [Republicans] keep hostage-taking to keep Bush in power. President Bush is still dictating tax policy in this country because of the Tea Party.” – Chris Matthews


I thought the teaser was just a joke,

But it turns out Karl those words actually spoke.


Furin’s diner closed yesterday,

About which Karl Rove had this to say:


“It’s in large part the result of the economy that Mr. Obama owns”

Due to which Rove the closing of his hangout bemoans.


That’s backhanded recognition their man George caused the economic despair,

Which they’ve since been working so hard to not let Obama repair.


(At least their saying Obama now owns the devastation

Means someone else was responsible for its creation.)


But how is it Obama now inherits the blame?

Are ownership and location one and the same?


Republicans constantly assert that Obama somehow now “owns” the recession,

Even though they’re unwilling to give him any economic policy discretion.


No, Karl, Obama’s still just a lodger is the economic house you and George built,

And trying to blame him doesn’t assuage your guilt.


Here’s Chris Matthews with OMB Director Jack Lew on Hardball 8/01/11 discussing the debt ceiling deal (that’s when Chris makes the comment I quote above). No, we didn’t get the “grand bargain” or a deal like the one I wanted, but at least the Tea Party didn’t get their default.

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