Stainless Steele? (or, Passing the Buck)

April 8th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier bondagegate posts, inspired by Top aide to Steele resigns post amid RNC spending controversy (Washington Post 4/06/10), Lesser of two evils: Keeping Steele as RNC chair , Steele tries to reassure RNC members( 4/07/10), and Why Michael Steele Won’t Go (Huffington Post 4/08/10).  

“Given our firm’s commitments to campaigns all over the country, we have concluded it is best for us to step away from our advisory role at the RNC.” – Key GOP consultant Curt Anderson announcing his firm On Message’s severance of its relationship with the RNC.
“This is a terrible way to deal with the cleanup of the mismanagement. There’s no single gesture or single slaughter or sacrifice that will fix that problem. That problem, for the rest of [Michael Steele’s] tenure, will be managed, not solved.” – Leading GOP strategist Ed Rogers
“The responsibility falls on the CEO of any organization, whether it be General Electric or whether it be the RNC. The RNC right now is under Michael Steele. If [McKay] is fired, the question is whether the fault lies there.” – Top GOP operative (and runner-up in last year’s election for RNC chair) Katon Dawson
 “The honest answer is yes. It just is.” – Michael Steele responding to George Stephanopoulos’s question about whether being African-American has given him a slimmer margin of error than a white chairman would have had.
 “It’s an inability to think before he speaks and a mistaken Obama complex. He thinks he is in competition with the president. What he needs to do is stay behind the scenes, raise money, and get people elected. His race has nothing to do with it.” – Conservative (and black) commentator Armstrong Williams
 “I think Michael Steele’s problem isn’t the race card. It’s the credit card.” – White House press secretary Robert Gibbs
“This goes back to harbingers of Katrina, mismanagement and all that stuff.” – An unnamed RNC member complaining that Steele’s management “reinforces a negative stereotype” that Republicans are not capable of governing and managing (Washington Post 4/07/10)
“The scandal represents a patter of unaccountable and irresponsible mishaps that ought to unnerve every fiscal conservative.” – RNC member Sean Mahoney announcing his resignation in a letter to Michael Steele ( 4/07/10)
“I think he’s doing a great job… I’m glad he is the leader of the party. I support Michael Steele.”  —Sarah Palin on Hannity 4/07/10

What is it about leaders in the GOP

Not taking responsibility?

It seems the higher up their position,

The more unlikely a guilt admission.

They don’t every admit they’re wrong anymore?

(Isn’t that what Republicans criticize liberals for?)

GB2 is a case in point,

With many a data point.

Brownie, Scooter Libby, and Don Rumsfeld

Are just a few whose resignations were compelled.

Now Michael Steele continues that fine tradition,

Presiding over the RNC’s demolition.

Whatever happens, he’s not to blame;

He fiddles while the RNC’s aflame.

Steele’s top aide Ken McKay is taking the rap

For bondagegate (click here for a recap).

But unfortunately for Steele, McKay’s sacrifice

For Steele’s salvation may not suffice.

Observers think it won’t stop there.

(If it did, would that be fair?)

Most think that Steele’s days are numbered

(His opponents seem to have his supporters outnumbered.)

If Steele is forced out, he says we can blame race

(A concept Republicans don’t usually embrace).

No, says Armstrong Williams (another black Republican):

Steele’s problems have nothing to do with the color of his skin.

The problem is not RNC lesbian sex,

The problem, says Williams, is Steele’s “Obama complex.”

The problem isn’t the money the RNC on bondage clubs spent,

But that Steele “thinks he is in competition with the president.”

That, it seems to me, describes the whole GOP,

Which opposes Obama to an unhealthy degree.

Even things Republicans themselves proposed

Are (if Obama supports them) automatically opposed.

As the Post points out, the RNC’s structure makes it hard to replace the head,

So Steele will have to be forced to resign instead.

Will the GOP do it before Steele’s term expires in January,

Or will they trust him the GOP through the elections to carry.

In the meantime, since the RNC has spiraled out of control,

The NRSC, NRCC, and RGA are increasing their role.

Contributions are also migrating to these other groups

(I guess donors don’t like being dupes).

This whole RNC mess is illustrative

Of why America shouldn’t the GOP another chance give.

Republicans can’t even manage their own smear campaign,

And they think we should let them govern again?


Here’s Rachel’s 4/06/10 update.

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Here’s Jon Stewart’s 4/07/10 update.

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