Spill, Baby, Spill (or, Bad Timing)

April 29th, 2010

Inspired by Offshore drilling is safe, essential to our future (VA State Senator Frank Wagner, DC Examiner 10/02/08), Palin’s ‘Safe’ And ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Drilling: Millions Of Gallons Of Oil Spills (ThinkProgress.org 10/06/08), Tide for drilling off Va. turns favorable (Washington Post 3/17/10), The downside of drilling (Letter to the editor from Scott Barstow, Washington Post 3/21/10 re. VA’s plans for offshore oil),Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time (New York Times 3/30/10), Obama moves back to middle with drilling plan (WashingtonPost.com 3/31/10), Salazar: Lifting of oil drilling moratorium will allow for a ‘look and see’ off Va. coast (WashingtonPost.com 4/02/10), ‘Safe’ offshore oil rig explodes, 12 missing, seven critically hurt « Climate Progress (ClimateProgress.org 4/22/10), Spilled oil burned in gulf in hopes of saving coast (Washington Post 4/29/10), Louisiana Oil Spill Gets Worse: New Leak Increases Estimated Spill By Five Times (Huffington Post 4/29/10), Media advanced falsehood that drilling is safe because no oil spilled during Hurricane Katrina (Media Matters 4/29/10), Gulf oil spill could hit Louisiana coast Thursday night (WashingtonPost.com 4/29/10), and 10 Animals Most At Risk from Gulf Oil Spill (CBSNews.com 4/29/10)

Oil execs and pro-oil pols said offshore drilling technology had advanced

And that safety measures had been enhanced.

The Obama Administration apparently believed them too

And proposed lifting the moratorium in place since ‘82.

I was wavering, but now I’m of offshore oil more doubtful,

As are the marine mammals who may soon have a snout full.

5000 barrels a day.

How much is that anyway?

It’s turning on 20 gas pumps and letting them run day and night

(That’s a lot of oil, alright).

Officials say it could take weeks or months to stop,

Which would Exxon Valdez’s 11 million gallons top.

5000 barrels is 210 thousand gallons per day,

So a new record may be only 44 days away.

Scott is right that VA should pay attention to climate

Instead of just considering the political climate.

Also, it might create some political conflicts

If VA shores turn into oil slicks.

And Mr. Salazar, your “look and see”

No longer sounds so good to me.

We looked and we saw,

And it wasn’t good at all.

And for Sarah and the rest of the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd:

Now you don’t seem to be chanting quite as loud.

I guess you and the industry will wait ‘till the timing’s better

Offshore drilling further to unfetter.

But me, I think we need more…



Here’s your theme music for today, Gulf of Mexico by Jeb Rogers (just coincidentally about the Gulf of Mexico), accompanied by video of the explosion and resulting spill, courtesy of Ronamyrum.


Here’s Sarah Palin explaining how “safe” and “environmentally friendly” offshore drilling is.

I was so proud of myself when I came up with the title “Spill Baby Spill,” but unfortunately I wasn’t the first, as illustrated by this HuffPost article and clever Youtube video by Matthew Filipowicz.

Here’s then-candidate Obama talking about how offshore oil drilling didn’t make sense.

Here’s a report from the Young Turks.

And here’s Stephen Colbert’s 4/29/10 report.

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Update 4/30/10: The spill did in fact make landfill last night (read this Washington Post article for more).

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