Spelling for Senators

November 11th, 2010

Inspired by Miller sues over misspelled Murkowski ballots in Alaska Senate race (Alaska Dispatch 11/11/10), Judge Denies Joe Miller’s Request to Halt Write-In Ballot Counting (ABCNews.com 11/11/10), and the spelling and grammatical errors in Joe Miller’s legal brief. 

“Wherefore Plaintiff prays for judgement in their [sic] favor and against Defendants as follows: For an immediate, preliminary and permanent injunction enjoining Defendants to comply with state law as mandated by the Legislature and restraining Defendants from counting or otherwise accepting as valid any write-in ballots in which the name of the candidate is spelt [sic] incorrectly, or in which the name of the candidate is not written as it appears on a write-in declaration of candidacy.” – Joe Miller legal complaint

“The Miller Campaign has consistently maintained that every valid, lawful vote should be counted.” – Joemiller.us (they just don’t believe that Murkowski votes are valid)

Joe Miller wants to disenfranchise Alaskans who can’t spell.

Too bad he and his lawyers can’t do that too well.

(Next time you request an injunction

Try using Word’s spelling and grammar function.)

Alaskan law says misspellings are OK as long as you can tell the voter’s intent.

How dare those damned voters waste all the money Miller spent!

Miller cited as precedent Bush v. Gore,

Based on the notion that courts have made mistakes before.

Unfortunately for Miller, the injunction was denied,

A decision by which he’ll now have to temporarily abide.

In the meantime, 89% of the write-in votes examined were spelled right.

Now if only Miller and his lawyers could learn how to write.


Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s 11/10/10 report on Joe Miller’s lawsuit to keep Alaska’s election law from being enforced so he can be elected Senator.

Update 11/12/10: Here’s an update from Rachel. Yet another example of far right wing politicians hypocritically changing their ideological stripes (in this case over states rights) when it suits them.

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