Spartacus in Reverse

August 22nd, 2012

Inspired by the GOP’s attempt to isolate itself from the Akin blowback.



“By command of his Most Mittiful Excellency, your political lives are to be spared. Republicans you were and Republicans you remain, but you may all be reelected on the single condition that you turn over this extremist to me for crucifixion. One man’s sacrifice for the political life of many.” — Chairman Reince Priebus (slightly paraphrased)
“He’s the extremist!” – Republicans


The Republican response to Todd Akin is Spartacus in reverse:

Everyone IDs the scapegoat because they’re to punishment averse.


The dirty secret? Republicans are all Todd Akin,

And are all for personal political preservation fakin’.


And so Akin is offered up by the Party and its chiefs.

Talk about standing up for your supposed beliefs!


Here’s Ed’s 8/22/12 report on the GOP’s attempt to jettison Akin. Republicans would like America to think that they’re doing so because of disgust about what he said, but it’s not. Akin’s position is in the Party platform, and even his absurd scientific belief is held by many in the anti-abortion rights movement. No, Akin’s mistake was to express those shared beliefs in a particularly inartful way on TV, thus (1) risking the near-guaranteed Senate seat pick-up in Missouri, (2) damaging other Republicans’ chances, and (3) hurting the presidential ticket by focusing attention on the GOP’s (and Paul Ryan’s) extreme position.

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Here’s the classic scene which partially provided our titular inspiration. Republicans are doing the exact opposite, saying “I’m not Spartacus” (even though they are), “he is.” Great movie (I like the remake too).

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