Southern Right Wingers

September 20th, 2009

In the 1860s we fought a Civil War.

(you were on the losing side, in case you didn’t recall anymore).

You fought to preserve “States’ Rights”

(of course the latter didn’t apply to non-whites).


In the 1960s you fought again

What were you fighting for then?

Why, to preserve the Southern Way of Life.

For some those words cut like a knife.

They’re code for segregation, discrimination, and the white hood

(of course, saying it like that that doesn’t sound quite as good).


Many Republicans have taken up the Confederate banner

Rebelling against the duly elected Federal Government in a similar manner.

Some (like you, Texas Gov. Perry) even want to secede.

Because they with national policies disagreed.


The South tried that once and it didn’t work,

So Rick, please don’t be such a jerk.

The first Civil War caused so much pain.

To suggest a repeat is just insane.


Of course, Southern rightists are not really for States’ Rights anymore,

As evidenced by the many State laws you abhor

And whose eradication you implore.

So just what are you fighting for?


As with the first Civil War,

I think it’s much of the same stuff as before–

Things most people rightly deplore,

But you would like to restore.


You want to impose “by any means necessary”

What you couldn’t get through democracy.

You call for insurrection

Because you lost a fair election.

“There can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet,” Lincoln said then.

Now we have the same situation again.


As I wrote Aug. 19 about taking guns to a Town Hall meeting

Democracy’s fruits unprotected are fleeting,

Resorting to non-democratic means after you lose is cheating,

And destroying the government because you don’t agree with it is self-defeating.


So Southern right-wingers (the two are all too often synonymous),

Get back on your “Tea Party Express” bus.

If we disagree, by all means let’s discuss.

But don’t try to force your views on the rest of us.


Don’t act so sour

Just because you’re no longer in power.

Free speech is great, but just remember:

Its purpose isn’t the country to dismember.

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