Southern Republican (Lack of) Leadership Conference (or, Heaven Can Wait)

April 12th, 2010

Inspired by For GOP activists and hopefuls, no time like the present (Washington Post 4/11/10). 

“The Democrats’ fondest hope is to see tea-party or other conservatives split off and have a third party and split the conservative [vote]… Please leave here unified and stay that way through November and beyond.” – Republican Mississippi Governor Haley Babar
“Yes, you’re right. That is my fondest hope.” — Me

If Republicans win in 2012, they’ll be in Heaven,

But focusing on that can wait until 2011.

First they have to win in 2010,

Then they can fight about who’ll be the nominee again.

That was the theme at this year’s SLRC

(Held every year since 1970).

This year it’s in New Orleans, another big flood

(Thankfully this one turned out to be more of a dud).

Hasn’t the Big Easy had enough flooding

Of GOP activists and GOP presidential nominees budding?

(It’s too bad the GOP didn’t pay attention to N’Orleans in 2005

When people were worried about how to survive.)

Gov. Haley Babar was the conference king,

Encouraging all present to go for the brass ring:

“Until we win in November, the in-fighting can wait,

And if Republicans stay united until then, that would be great.”

(Personally, I think that’s something they’ll be able to do,

Since the GOP rank-and-file does what Fox News tells them to.

Dems, on the other hand, have a harder time uniting,

Which makes them much more prone to in-fighting.)

Babar was RNC head for the GOP’s 1994 ascendance,

So it’s fitting that he was one of the key figures in attendance.

Now he’s the head of the RGA,

Which given the RNC debacle is riding to save the day.

(He also lead the elephant victory in the rhino war;

Oh wait, I’m mixing that up with another King Babar I read about before.)

But Governor Babar wasn’t the only notable there,

Since the SRLC is de rigeur for nominees that have yet to declare.

The Man of Steele, Sarah, Newt, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul

(Oh Ron, I missed you most of all).

Speaking of the (token black) devil

(Whom myriad problems bedevil),

The RNC chair also addressed the crowd

(Thankfully, no one said what they were thinking out loud).

He said “the one mistake we cannot make this November is to loose

(But I guess it’s OK to spend donors’ money on sex shows and booze).

Newt Gingrich said he wants Republicans to be the Party of Yes

(An idea Republicans don’t often profess).

While saying this he attacked Obama in the “strongest terms possible,”

Which suggests that his suggestion borders on the impossible.

To keep calling it the SRLC is not really logical

(Though the words “Southern” and “Republican” are increasingly tautological).

Many of the guests came from the North,

Most notably Sarah Palin, who also held forth.

(She was the big draw and got an enthusiastic response

As unelected mouthpiece of the GOP renaissance.

She was coy about whether she’ll run in 2012,

And didn’t into her presidential ambitions delve.)

The word “leadership” also doesn’t seem to apply

Since no one seems to be willing, that to supply.

And they’re not really Republicans, in the classical sense

(The real ones used to be for fiscal responsibility and defense).

So to call it the “Southern Republican Leadership Conference”

I those respects misrepresents.

But it was a conference, I guess, that they had,

So one out of four isn’t bad.

PS: In the annual SRLC straw poll

Victory in which is a GOP leader goal,

Mitt Romney edged out Ron Paul by a single vote.

(Still, historically SRLC victory doesn’t nomination denote.

And no one seemed to care

That Romney wasn’t even there.)

Sorry Ron and other losers; better luck next time.

But don’t worry: between now and August 2012, there’s still plenty of time.


Here’s MSNBC’s preview for the conference.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here are Mike Pence and Ron Paul.

Here’s Newt Gingrich.

Here’s Sarah.

And here’s Countdown’s 3/12/10 wrap-up.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s a scene from the Babar TV series (also check out Babar the Movie).

Here’s your theme music for today, Heaven Can Wait by Meat Loaf.

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