Sorry Ted, Your Wife is Dead

September 11th, 2011

Inspired by Ted Olson on loss and love in the decade since 9/11 (Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts, WashingtonPost.com9/11/1122:00).


“Horrible things can happen to you, and horrible things happened to us on September 11.” – Ted Olson on the death of his wife on AA flight 77


I went from disgust to respect for you.

After reading that article, I feel for you.


Despite our now on the same side of some issues being.

I never thought of you before as a human being.


I didn’t personally lose anyone that day,

(I could have, since my wife worked near the fourth target every day).


My daughters were potentially in danger too

(We thought DC schools might be attacked too).


What would I have done

If I too had lost someone?


(If that had happened, God forbid,

I guess I’d have done what you did.)


Ted, I apologize if my title seemed derisive,

Or of such a serious matter dismissive.


I didn’t mean it to be in any way mocking,

But I did intend it to be shocking.


Not to shock you, but to jolt other people

Into remembering that we’re all just people.


I used it to give others the same jarring feeling

You in your interview with Amy and Roxanne were revealing.


I didn’t want to cause you more of the pain and sadness

That you must have felt on that day of madness.


But maybe those of us who didn’t’ feel such pain before

Now need to feel it a little more.


The empathy makes us see each other as we are:

Fellow human beings, regardless of who we are.


It helps the rest of us more fully understand,

You’re a person too, whether we your views support, or can’t stand.


And that feeling of common humanity

Is the only way we’ll every stop the insanity.


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