Sorba the Freak

February 20th, 2010

Our CPAC series continues, inspired here less (much less) by the speech (by Ryan Sorba, Chairman of California Young Americans for Freedom) than by the crowd’s reaction to it. Watch the videos below.

“I’d like to condemn CPAC for bringing GOPride to this event.” – Ryan Sorba

“No, you sit down. The lesbians at Smith College protest better than you… Jeff Frazie, guess what, you just made an enemy out of me, buddy.”  – Ryan Sorba after many in the crowd (and I guess in particular Jeff Frazie, whoever that is) reacted to his statement by booing him.

Mr. Sorba demonstrates that the Conservative Movement

Is in need of much improvement.

He justifies himself with talk of Natural Law and Ancient Greece,

Which only makes my dislike for him increase.

Like someone who just finished a Philosophy 101 class,

He of course comes across like a complete ass.

He goes on and on about his own views,

But when someone he disagrees with talks, he interrupts with boos.

When people don’t like what has to say

He goes on about the sin of being gay.

When people with his views disagree

He responds with personal enmity.

Even the conservative who interviewed him thought he might

Portray fellow conservatives and CPAC in a bad light.

He condemns participation in CPAC by GOProud

(They bought their way in, he avowed).

A big tent’s great, he implied,

Just don’t let those damned gays inside!

But this event has a positive side too,

And I want to give credit where credit is due.

CPAC deserves applause for not excluding GOProud,

And I also want to give credit to the panel crowd.

When Sorba made his anti-gay remark,

Listener reaction to his statement was stark.

He got some token applause, but mostly boos

By people who were opposed to his views.

That tells me that there’s still hope

That the GOP won’t always be the Party of (Gay) Nope,

That young conservatives in particular have had enough,

And can go back to just being wrong about other stuff.

And though loss of some gay supporters may cause some Dems distress,

I view it instead as social progress.


Here’s Sorba’s impromptu speech during the “Saving Freedom Across America” panel, and the crowd’s reaction. Yes, Sorba appeared to get some applause, but mostly boos.

Here’s a longer clip (very long, but still worth watching), including the statement (by Alexandar McCobin of Students for Liberty) that prompted Sorba’s comments (Sorba is also the person that is booing loudly while McCorbin is talking), and an interview with Sorba after his comments. He reveals that part of his antipathy to gay conservatives is the Log Cabin Republican hypothesis that Lincoln was gay (read my earlier post for more on that). And thank you, Mr. Sorba, for explaining to us how your anti-gay position is rooted in Greek philosophy.

And here’s a clip from the movie from which this post takes its name. What does Zorba mean when he says “I never loved a man more than you”? Could his own latent insecurities explain why today’s Sorba is so sensitive about gays?

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