Soft on Error

February 4th, 2010

Inspired by Drop cited in recidivism among former detainees, Man held in bomb attempt said to be cooperating, and Officials warn of looming terror risk (Washington Post 2/03/10).

     The GOP criticizes Obama as being soft on terror,

But they should be criticizing themselves for being soft on error.

     48 Guantanamo inmates have been released or transferred elsewhere,

Based on which Republicans have raised a scare.

But perhaps they were not aware

That Bush released 540, if we compare.

     Of Bush’s 540 releasees,

9.6% were “confirmed recidivists” (I know, terrorists, if you please)

An additional 10.4% are believed to have re-involved themselves in activities

In line with their previous terrorist proclivities.

     That makes Bush’s recidivism rate 20%,

A missed opportunity, terrorism to prevent.

Obama’s recidivism rate so far is… zero!

You’d think that he’d be the Republicans’ hero.

     The improvement is due to a strengthened review process

Based on which intelligence agencies assess

When it’s safe to release a detainee,

Which they do only if multiple agencies agree.

     In other news, the Underwear Bomber continues to provide information

(Contrary to Republican denunciation).

Investigators got his family members to convince him to cooperate

(Not how military interrogators usually operate).

     And finally, as top intelligence officials report

(And the GOP and Fox News will subsequently distort),

The risk of a terrorist attack in the next six months is extremely high

(That’s what intelligence officials testify).

     So now’s not the time to pursue partisan political gain

(I’m talking to you in particular, Senator McCain).

Can we please get together to keep it from happening again?

Otherwise it’s not a question of if, but when.


PS: I’m not by any means saying that I’m against any substantive discussion of national security policy, or even criticism of Obama Administration actions (something the previous administration and its shills were always quick to characterize as treason). This Washington Post editorial, for example (so much for the liberal media bias), is a strong criticism of the Obama Administration’s paucity of action to stop and/or counter terrorist use of biological weapons (a true nightmare scenario, especially for those of us who live in DC).The editorial doesn’t criticize or say no, it also says what the author believes should be done. That’s called constructive criticism, which is part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

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