Socialist Indoctrination

October 8th, 2009

As demonstrated by Stephen Colbert’s 10/05/09 interview (watch it below), US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is clearly a socialist (as if his foreign-sounding name weren’t proof enough), with big plans to turn the youth of America into Obama’s mindless servants.


As I said in an earlier selection,

Attribution of bad intention

Is often indicative of one’s own transgression.

Baseless accusation is a form of confession.


So maybe Republican fears of Obama mind control

Are just an admission that that’s their own goal.

Could there be a link

To Fox’s trying to control what people think?


To say Duncan is a socialist is funny

Since all he talked about on Colbert was making money.

I guess he was just trying to cover up the truth

Of their plan to create the Obama Youth.


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