Snowe Warms and Roberts Rambles

October 13th, 2009

As reported by Final Senate Panel Approves Health Care Reform 14-9 (Huffington Post 10/13/09) and as predicted by my earlier post, the Baucus healthcare reform bill passed the Senate Finance Committee today. Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), the sole Republican voting for the bill, said it best: “”Is this bill all that I would want? Far from it. Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls, and I happen to think that the consequences of inaction dictate the urgency of Congress to take every opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time.”  Sen. Pat Roberts, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as eloquent (see video below from the Colbert Report, along with earlier video of him below for more background).


The Finance panel voted yes.

I was a little nervous, I must confess.

Sen. Snowe made a positive decision,

The only Republican to take that position.


Sen. Snowe did take pains to note

She might later change her vote.

But by voting yes (for now) she’s able

To remain at the negotiating table.


But the rest of Snowe’s party stood firm in defiance

Of anything that might hint of compliance.

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) expressed his repudiation

In the free-form verse of the Beat Generation:

“I am terribly concerned

that we are riding hell-for-leather

into a health care box canyon

full of spending quicksand,

cactus tax hikes,

policy briar patches,

complete with CMS regulatory scorpions,

rattlesnakes and bad-news bears,

something like riding your pickup

over a whole tangle of barbed wire

and getting out of this, Mr. Chairman,

and back on solid ground

to make Medicare solvent,

is going to be a mighty rough and long ride.”


(Such skillful expression

I’ve not heard before,

And certainly not

On the Senate’s floor.


Such powerful metaphor,

Such strong imagery

Can’t be improved on

By such as me.


His words touch our hearts.

He understands us.

The beat poet’s crown

Moves from Alaska to Kansas.


But enough poetic good will—

Now back to the bill.)


As Sen. Snowe said, the bill’s “not all it can be.”

But the “consequences of inaction dictate the urgency”

And that Congress must “take every opportunity

To demonstrate its capacity

To solve the monumental issues of our time.”

(Wow — Snowe even said that in rhyme.)


Two Republican poets,

One beat, and he knows it,

One opened the door while the other one closed it,

One whose words don’t make any sense

And one who speaks with common sense.


Which is which?

I’ll let you choose.

Just don’t be swayed

By Fox News.


Healthcare reform is moving forward.

The crying need can’t be ignored

(except, we find,

by Roberts and his kind).

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Here’s a poetic selection from the previous beat poetry champ.

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