February 9th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier piece, inspired by the big snowstorm hitting us tonight and tomorrow, Snoverkill beginning to arrive ( 2/09/10), After D.C. snowstorm, sidewalk-clearing rules and etiquette fall short (Washington Post 2/09/10), and Harald Fuller-Bennett’s letter to the editor.

  Here’s one thing I don’t like about snow—

Many homeowners seem not to know

That it’s their responsibility to shovel their walk,

And yet many don’t (sometimes the whole block).

     Are these sidewalk non-shovelers just selfish I-got-mine’s?

(I did notice they’re some of the  same people who had “Country First” signs.)

Do their preoccupations with work and family

Make them forget about obligations to the community?

     I think the Reagan and Bush years made things worse

(Republicans, of course, maintain the converse).

But the mantras “government is the problem” and “greed is good

Caused the nature of country and community to be misunderstood.

     Maybe DC is worse than other places.

People come and go without recognizing each others’ faces.

If you’re gonna move away in a year or two

You don’t care what your neighbors think of you.

     Where I grew up in Allentown PA,

Everyone had their walks done by the end of the day.

I was the oldest, so that was my responsibility,

Which I always did to the best of my ability.

     So I got used to it, and continued when we got a house of our own

(Leaving our walk unshoveled was something I’d never condone).

But for many in the neighborhood, they don’t seem to care

If people have to slip and side when walking by there.

     They’ve had most of the weekend since it stopped snowing,

And with everything shut down, not many places they had to be going.

Now here it is Tuesday and we’re scheduled for more,

And they haven’t even shoveled the snow from before.

     On the political cold front, the Party of No is comparable

(So much so that it’s almost unbearable).

They don’t want to help fix the problems they created,

And when they block Dems from fixing them, they’re elated.

     So neighbors, before you start for the next storm getting ready,

Please shovel your walk if you haven’t already.

And Harald, I’m with you all the way:

The law should be enforced so residents either shovel or pay.

     Repent your sins,


It’s not too late

To help solve problems you helped create.

     But at least don’t stand in the way if you won’t lend a hand–

The country’s had as much of that as it can stand.

And if you don’t like how I used the snowstorm to get in a dig,

Please note I wouldn’t have to if you’d just come out and help dig.

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