December 7th, 2011

Inspired by ‘Bravo’ to Penn State center that will treat sex abuse (USA Today12/07/11).

“It sounds as if Penn State is doing what the Catholic Bishops did a decade ago, when we bishops committed ourselves to confront the scourge of sexual abuse of children, to research the causes of this terrible cultural and societal problem that tragically touches all areas of society, and to provide education and training to help eliminate this terrible crime and sin. We have done extensive research, and would be happy to share with Penn State what we’ve learned, or to participate in this proposed center in any way that we can. We know that the problem of sexual abuse is not limited to any one group, and as I mentioned a few weeks ago in Baltimore, we stand ready to join with others who are committed to combating the problem.”
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops president Archbishop Timothy Dolan


How could the Catholic sex abuse scandal happen? This quote tells you why.

As USCCB Pres. Dolan even now continues the Church’s culpability to deny:


It’s over and done with; the ancient past

About which the Church shouldn’t be harassed.


It was never our fault – it’s society at large

(That’s why we continue to fight every new charge).


We’re really the heroes, ready to do all we can do

To help other organizations caught in sex abuse scandals too.


This kind of self-serving denial

Is the same kind of thing the Church does at trial.


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