Smooth(er) Sailing for the Ship of State?

May 8th, 2010

Inspired by A startling peace breaks out in the Senate: Financial regulatory bill proceeding without acrimony of healthcare debate (Washington Post 5/08/10).

Our political system declares

Both parties have a role in public affairs.

The Minority’s role is not just to say no,

But to help determine where the Ship of State should go.

That doesn’t mean that they steer the ship

Or on the steering wheel maintain a grip.

That’s the Majority Party’s responsibility,

And they should have a chance to demonstrate their capability.

And if the ship has sprung a leak,

The Minority shouldn’t just stand their and critique,

Let alone impairing

Others’ attempts at repairing.

Regardless of what some Republican leaders think,

We’re all in this same boat and don’t want it to sink.

That’s why I was happy to read

The GOP allowed debate on Wall Street reform to proceed.

Now, both sides seem to be working together

(Freed from McConnell’s restrictive tether)

To debate and improve the bill at hand

As the Founders originally planned.

Cooperation won’t work all the time,

But it’s better than just saying no all the time.

Solutions won’t always be straightforward,

But at least we’re all trying to move forward.

The acrimonious healthcare debate

Seems to have convinced the GOP to modulate.

Perhaps the Party of No

Has learned obstruction isn’t always the way to go.

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