Small is Beautiful

September 23rd, 2010

Inspired by Olbermann: GOP Uses ‘Small Business’ Tag To Help Save Huge Companies Billions (Huffington Post 9/23/10), The little engine that couldn’t: The small-business myth of job creation (Ruth Marcus, Washington Post 9/15/10), Keith Olbermann’s special small business report (watch it below), and the small-business classic from which this post takes its name.

Like baby animals, small business is cuddly and cute,

While the term “big business” suggests disrepute.

That’s why Republicans like to talk about all the small businesses they want to protect

From taxes and regulation’s harmful effect.

That’s better than saying they protect multi-billion dollar businesses and their super-rich owners

Who coincidentally happen to be GOP donors.

Reducing the tax burden on small business also sounds a whole lot better

Than cutting taxes for the wealthy by becoming the world’s biggest debtor.

But though Republicans extol Mom and Pop operations,

It turns out they just want to protect multi billion dollar S corporations.

The “small” businesses they want to help include Bechtel,

Which with $31 billion in revenues and 49,000 employees is doing pretty well.

But “small” businesses like Bechtel don’t make a very good poster child,

Since they’re just like the big businesses that are popularly reviled.

As it turns out, it’s not even small business that creates most new job growth,

It’s new businesses (though these tend to be small and new both).

And though this fact to Republicans might sound funny,

Those new small businesses don’t make much money.

So giving them a lower income tax rate

As a job creation measure isn’t that great.

So GOP, your “small business tax cut” myth isn’t just one lie, but two.

Do those two lies cancel out to make what you’re saying true?


Here’s Countdown’s 9/22/10 special report on so-called “small” business, including a great overview on all the giant “small” businesses out there and an intereview with author David Cay Johnston. He makes the excellent point that all of these “small” businesses benefit from government spending to educate their workforces and build and maintain roads and delivery systems to move their goods and services. He also makes the point that six times as many jobs were created under Clinton, who raised taxes, than were created during the 20 years of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II combined.


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Speaking of baby animals, here’s a scene from the first video we ever bought for our daughter when she was little. It gave her (and us) hours of enjoyment, so I highly recommend it. And speaking of little engines, don’t forget this children’s classic.

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