Sluts and Strippers

August 13th, 2011

Inspired by As slutty as we want to be (Jessica Valenti, Washington Post 6/05/11) and SlutWalk DC marchers protest sexual assault and a culture of victim-blaming ( 8/13/11).

Men in strip clubs are almost always polite,

Which conclusively proves that slut walkers are right.


That’s because a strip club has rules,

And bouncers for grabby or boorish fools.


Don’t non-strippers have the right to expect

At least that same level of respect?


If a man shows self-control with a gyrating woman who’s completely newd,

He can certainly stop himself from being publicly lewd.


So the only way to prevent continued abuse

Is to stop accepting the “asking for it” excuse.


Have you ever been to a strip club? I haven’t (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), but if you have (or if like me you have friends that have been and told you about it), then you know that there are rules. Look, but don’t touch. Be polite. If you don’t follow these rules, you’ll be very unceremoniously (and probably roughly) thrown out (or worse) by a large man with a thick neck.

But in all the times I (oops, I mean, my friends) have visited strip clubs, I’ve never seen it happen? Why not? Because men are perfectly able to control themselves, especially when given a strong incentive to do so–and more importantly, denied an excuse not to.

No, the average woman doesn’t have a burly bouncer following her around 24/7. But that’s the point: she shouldn’t have to. Society should not even remotely countenance the view that a woman is the guilty party if she is harassed (or worse) for dressing “sluttily.”

This is actually one of my problems with the burka: its required use is based on the notion that women’s sexuality must be hidden, or men can’t be held responsible for their actions, and therefore needn’t even try to restrain themselves when confronted with an uncovered female. There is no more convincing proof that this view is wrong than the good old American strip club: if men can restrain themselves in close proximity to gyrating naked women, then we can certainly do so when confronted by bare arms, or even shorts skirts and cleavage.

That’s called individual responsibility: you, sir, are responsible for your own actions, rather than a puppet to uncontrollable sexual urges. Since individual responsibility is so often a rallying cry for the Right, it’s ironic that “conservatives” are the ones blaming women for “asking for” the crimes and/or boorish behavior against them. Like the sign says, “my dress is not a yes.”

So kudos to you, slut-walkers, for standing up for that principle.


Here’s are some scenes from the DC SlutWalk, along with the Toronto one that started the movement.



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