Sins of Commission

January 24th, 2010

Inspired by An entitlement commission means even bigger government (George Will, Washington Post 1/17/10), Sins of commission (Ezra Klein, 1/19/10), Senate Democrats face hurdles getting votes to boost debt limit (Washington Post 1/21/10), and Obama endorses bipartisan deficit panel (Washington Post 1/24/10).

Ending the phrase “full faith and credit” with a question mark

Would make the recession we’re in now look like a walk in the park.

Default on our debt would be an economic cataclysm,

But it seems par for the course in the GOP catechism.

Is there anything that Republicans won’t do

President Obama to stick it to?

Or maybe they actually want a major economic disaster

To bring the “end times” that much faster.

I actually agree with Blue Dog Kent Conrad,

Whose view on this issue isn’t bad.

He wants an up or down vote on the Commission’s recommendation

To financially save the Nation.

Republicans, on the other hand, are towing the same old obstructionist line,

Saying they’ll refuse to join a Commission of Obama’s design.

“I wouldn’t serve on it,” said Sen. Judd Gregg.

And you say you want fiscal restraint? You must be pulling my leg.

I also agree that a powerful statutory Commission is better,

But would Republicans ever deign to follow the law’s letter?

They didn’t bother to cover costs with Medicare Part D,

And didn’t follow Pay-Go when they were in the majority.

In the mean time, Obama has come out in support

Of a statutory commission with a mandatory-vote report.

He’s backing the GOP and Blue Dogs this time,

And hoping that Liberal Dems will fall in line.

George Will is opposed to the plan,

Which he says is Congress’s unconstitutional attempt to kick the can,

Avoiding responsibility for painful actions

Which might bring about negative popular reactions.

He’s right, of course: politicians always seek to defer

Painful decisions that don’t to their benefit inure.

Their motto is “no pain, all gain,”

At least until after the next campaign.

The Senate will vote on Tuesday

And the House sometime soon too.

With all the differing opinions,

It’s hard to know what they’ll do.

PS to Ezra: I don’t mean to boast,

But I came up with my title before I read your post.

But before I finished it, you’d already published yours with a matching name.

I guess that’s just more proof that great minds think the same.

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