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April 10th, 2012

Inspired by Rick Santorum’s pointed lack of an endorsement of Mitt Romney today. Not only that, but Santorum specifically ignored questions from reporters after his speech asking whether he’d endorse Romney, and has (according to Mitt) apparently refused to campaign for him.


“I endorse Mitt Romney.” – what Rick Santorum didn’t say while announcing his withdrawal from the GOP primary (in fact, he didn’t even mention Romney’s name)


“He will continue to have a major role in the Republican Party and I look forward to his work in helping assure victories for Republicans across the country in November.” — Mitt Romney discussing Santorum’s withdrawal this evening in Delaware


When Rick announced his withdrawal today,

There were four key words he didn’t say.


The words “I endorse Mitt Romney” didn’t cross his lips,

But then Rick’s never been one to follow scripts.


Unfortunately, it isn’t publicly known

What was said when the two men spoke on the phone.


But what wasn’t said is from Romney’s own description clear:

At least for now, Rick won’t to a Romney rally come anywhere near.


While Rick won’t be actively trying Mitt Romney’s candidacy to thwart,

Note what Mitt suggested that Santorum committed to support.


I.e., Rick told Romney he’ll campaign for other Repubs, but didn’t commit

That he would even consider campaigning for Mitt.


Here’s the Last Word’s 4/10/12 report on Rick Santorum’s non-endorsement of Mitt Romney. Lawrence: Since you included Romney’s quote about Santorum supporting other GOP candidates, I’m surprised you didn’t comment about what that implies.

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Here’s Santorum’s full withdrawal speech.

Here’s more from Romney’s speech at RC Fabricators in Delaware.

Update: Read Working Together for more hedging from Mitt.


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