Show Some Respect

September 10th, 2009

As President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress last night on the need for health insurance reform, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina called out “you lie” on the House floor.

Joe Wilson (R-SC), you are a disgrace.
To the entire human race.
Wasn’t it within your power
To go without an outburst for just one hour?

To shout down the President during a formal address
Dishonors your Party and the Congress.
It shows the lack of civility that you possess
And refutes the bipartisanship that you profess.

Are you taking a lesson from the tea-baggers
And those who scream at a town hall meeting?
You’d think a Congressman would know better,
But I guess such hopes are fleeting.

Even Bush (who did lie)
Wasn’t treated with such contempt.
But I guess from the laws of decorum
You consider yourself exempt.

Even your fellow Republicans
Rightly denounce you.
And in the next election
Your opponent will trounce you.

With behavior like this
Our country’s prospects are dim.
We’ve only got one President
And Joe Wilson, you ain’t him.

Be a man, not a child.
Keep your emotions in check.
Obama’s our President,
So show some respect.

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