Shining Up the Copper State

May 16th, 2010

Inspired by Task force, tourism groups try to cast Arizona in a better light (AZ Centeral 5/16/10) and Rachel Maddow’s kind offer to help Arizona rebrand itself.

The Copper State

Is great.

Unless you have copper colored skin.

Then it’s best if you don’t come in.

Arizona, it’ll take more than PR

To get rid of that legislative scar.

(Forgive the pun,

But it’s like a giant canyon.)

No amount of whitewashing will conceal.

The only solution: repeal it!


Here’s Rachel’s 5/14/10 report on Arizona’s efforts to improve its image.

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Here’s your theme music for today, The Copper Song by Shellac.

Here’s an Arizona spoof ad by SecondCityNetwork.

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