She’s Baack…

September 9th, 2009

Inspired by 9/03/09 Washington Post article “Levi Johnston Giving the Palins a Mudbath” and Sarah Palin’s article in the 9/08/08 Wall Street Journal.

Sarah Palin, it’s good to have you back.

Is your career again on track?

Haven’t seen that much of you lately,

And we’ve all missed you greatly.


I read your article in the WSJ

(or, the one signed by you, anyway).

Sorry, but it’s hard for me to believe you wrote it.

Still, I hope you don’t mind if I quote it.


You criticize Dem proposals as costly “overreaching”

But yours consists of tax deductions (it’s clear to whom you’re preaching)

Nor do you offer offsetting revenue.

(but then that’s not something Republicans like to do).


And proposing to privatize Medicare?

Bush tried and failed with Social Security, so don’t go there.

The opposition would be universal.

And you say that Democrats’ proposals are too “controversial”?


“Let’s give Americans control over their own health care,” you say.

There I’m with you all the way.

To let people control their own healthcare would be great–

Now, health insurance companies dominate.

With our system now they do as they please

(of course, they designed it themselves via Republican proxies).


I guess you saw the article in Vanity Fair.

Levi’s description of your private life must be hard to bear.

Do you think the Wall Street Journal article will help

Your reputation to repair?


Since you’re such a good writer (I’ve also read your work on Twitter)

Maybe you should consider

Dropping out of politics for good

And selling your book to the highest bidder.

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