Sex is Speech

July 25th, 2014

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My rights are supposed to end where your rights start, no matter how much richer or stronger I am.


Having sex is a wonderful natural form of human expression – a great stress reducer, a great opportunity to really communicate and can bring a relationship even closer, potentially bonding an expression of love that lasts eternally.” – Mike Walsh, 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice
Sex is a form of self-expression, an expression of dominance or joy or any of the other colors in the rainbow of emotion and experience. To allow the state to control one’s sexual behavior is to allow the state to control a part of one’s inner being. If freedom of speech is protected because it forms the foundation to freedom of thought, why is the freedom of sexual expression afforded any less protection?” –
Sex is the purest form of self-expression.” – Psychology Today


If money equals speech and its restriction triggers unconstitutionality,

Isn’t the same true about sexuality?


After all, sex is the ultimate form of self expression,

And should be able to be communicated without repression.


That means a man has the right to express himself with whomever he sees fit,

Even if the expressee opposes it.


“What,” you say, “that’s just not right!”

“What about the woman’s right?”


Well, it’s just like the average person who doesn’t have a PAC:

Her rights aren’t as important as those who pass out money by the stack.


If the rich are allowed to force their self expression on the poor,

Shouldn’t the physically strong also be able to express themselves more?


And if wealth means you have more influence over an office holder or seeker,

Shouldn’t a man be able to express himself with someone who is weaker?


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