Severely Conservative?

February 11th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt’s contention yesterday at CPAC that he’s “severely conservative.”


“I was a severely conservative Republican governor.”  – Mitt Romney CPAC speech yesterday


Severely: (1) badly; (2) strongly critical or condemnatory; (3) inflicting physical discomfort, hardship, pain, or distress; (4) in an extremely plain and unattractive style; (5) hard to endure; (6) very dangerous or harmful; (7) harsh in treatment of others; (8) with an unfriendly attitude and lack of humor.” – collected dictionary definitions


Did Mitt mean to say severely conservative,

Or did he perhaps mean nearly conservative?


Maybe it was cavalierly conservative,

Or just election-yearly conservative.


Or maybe, in Romney’s defense,

He did mean severely, but in the “badly” sense.


(Being a bad conservative is not usually advertised,

So it’s strange that that’s what Romney emphasized.)


Or maybe he meant “strongly critical or condemnatory,”

Given his stridently anti-Obama one-liner inventory.


Maybe he meant “inflicting physical discomfort, hardship, pain, or distress

(Part of why he enjoys firing people, I guess).


Maybe he meant “in an extremely plain and unattractive style

(Perhaps that’s why reaction to him is uninspired, or hostile).


Maybe he meant “hard to endure,”

Like Romney’s rendtion of “America the Beautiful,” I’m sure.


Maybe he meant “very dangerous or harmful instead,”

Like Romney’s plan to increase the rich-poor wealth spread.


Maybe he meant “harsh in treatment of others

(He’d foreclose on even more people if he had his druthers).


Maybe he meant “with an unfriendly attitude and lack of humor,”

Mitt’s attempts at which are as funny as a tumor.


Or, maybe Mitt meant all of the aforesaid,

And really is “severely conservative” instead.


Here’s Rachel’s 2/10/12 “Severely Conservative” report, including the clip of Romney’s statement.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Romney’s full speech (there’s also plenty of “strongly critical or condemnatory” anti-Obama language).

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