Separate and Unequal in DC

October 26th, 2009

Inspired by “Both sides mobilize on same-sex marriage” (Washington Post 10/26/09).

Protesters against gay marriage

About 150 protesters met in Freedom Plaza yesterday

To protest marriage between two people who are gay.

“No one has the right to pass laws without checking with the taxpaying citizens,” said one.

Maybe a little history would be fun.


I think it’s important to note

That if equal rights in the South had been left to a vote,

Segregation would probably still exist today

And blacks would still live in fear of  the KKK.


Based on pictures in the paper,

The protesters were all or mostly black.

About which I must admit

I’m a little taken aback.


I know that you’re religious–

I’m religious too.

I just don’t have exactly

The same beliefs as you.


You may believe gays are an abomination,

But DC’s Human Rights Act outlaws discrimination.

It says a referendum isn’t allowed

Just to please the crowd.


We have a constitutional democracy

Which means that not everything is left to the majority.

The majority doesn’t get to say

That someone’s rights should be taken away.


We’re all equal in God’s sight

So why can’t gays have an equal marriage right?

No one wants to force churches to host the ceremony,

Or declare an end to traditional matrimony.


One sign said “13 people should not decide the fate of marriage” in DC.

But that’s not what’s happening, it’s plain to see.

The people of DC already set the agenda

When the Human Rights Act outlawed discriminatory referenda.


One can’t deny rights to those the majority abhor.

Segregation (also considered “tradition” and “God’s law” before)

Lasted 100 years after the Civil War

And could easily have lasted 100 more.


The sixties had “separate but equal.”

This is the sequel.


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