Senator Enzi and Healthcare Reform

September 3rd, 2009

Quotes and references from 8/29-9/01/09 articles in Washington Post and 8/26 and 9/03 articles on Huffington Post.

Senator Enzi,

You’ve succumbed to the frenzy.

Your support was fleeting

And fled after a tough town hall meeting.

Ceaselessly with the bill you meddle,

And when it’s time to defend it, you back peddle.

Can you be trusted to keep your word,

Or are you a lying, two-faced turd?

You say the bill is an “intrusion”

But I think you just want to sow confusion.

You say you protect the “relationship between a doctor and a patient”

But you really just want to kill the bill while it is nascent.

You say you’re “pretty sure” the bill will fail

(no kidding — it’s what your trying to derail).

You fear the “Washington bureaucrat”

Is an insurance company bureaucrat is better than that?

The former is there to help us,

The latter to deny claims and coverage for a bonus.

Then you start to lay it on thicker:

You say the bill will make our “finances sicker”

Without saving patients any money.

That’s so absurd it’s almost funny.

Insurance companies deny claims and coverage for profit.

Won’t we benefit when reforms stop it?

You say that reform would “raid Medicare.”

That’s ironic:

When Republicans tried to kill that program,

Were you there?

You say people are “concerned” with bills Democrats have proposed.

Have your Big Health contributions all been disclosed?

You say you’ve heard “frustration and anger” throughout your home state.

Ironic, since those are things you helped create.

You say that we should “enact common-sense reform.”

That’s what we’re trying to do, in spite of your efforts to disinform.

You say you hope the Dems don’t try to “go it alone.”

It would help if you’d take a more cooperative tone.

You say you want the bill to be “real”–

By your definition, to give insurance companies an even better deal.

Your “critical issues” are reduce lawsuits and taxes

Which you tried for 8 years while the real problem waxes.

The system’s real problem is that insurance companies control it.

It was created for us, but then Big Health stole it.

The system now lets them do as they please

since they designed it themselves via Republican proxies.

One thing you said is true: Ted Kennedy’s “voice will be missed.”

Which is why his life goal shouldn’t be dismissed.

Kennedy helped Bush pass “No Child Left Behind.”

That’s called bipartisanship, I feel the need to remind.

Remember it’s not like back when you were in command.

You’re in the minority and constrained in what you can demand.

I know some reforms are almost more than you can stand.

But (as Dylan said), please get out of the way if you can’t lend a hand.


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