Sen. Grassley and Healthcare Reform

August 21st, 2009

Inspired by Washington Post 8/20 article “Key Senator Calls for Narrower Health Reform Measurequoting the Senator: “Calls for reform are ‘not quite as loud as people that say we ought to slow down or don’t do anything… And I’ve got to listen to my people.”


Senator Grassley, you’re a faker,

In “negotiating” never a giver, always a taker.

You said you wanted compromise,

Which means you get whatever you want, in Republican eyes.


At the start of the recess you acted the tease,

As if you hadn’t made up your mind yet (what a sleaze).

Citizens are right to fear death panels, you pronounce–

A view responsible people should roundly denounce.


Now you say public outcry has “altered the debate”

(ironic, since that outcry is what you helped create).

You say calls for reform are “not quite as loud” as those who want to do nothing or “slow down

(obviously, since extremists shout everyone else down).


I wonder, were you there

When Republicans voted against Medicare?

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