Selling Out the Top 2 Percent

December 5th, 2012

A follow-up to The Bucket/List, Not a Concession, and Fairness for the 2nd Percent about the GOP revenue proposal. Dems have criticized it, but they’re missing a key issue (for Republicans, the key issue)…


“Do Republicans like to be seen as protecting millionaires and billionaires from taxation? Do they enjoy the infamy, the opprobrium, that comes from always defending the top 2% of society?” — Martin Bashir
“They are just on the wrong side of the majority of Americans by saying that they’re gonna go to the mat, they’re gonna fight to the finish, they’re willing to bring the economy down to fight for the top 2%. Really?” — Jan Schakowsky on Rev. Al


Even Dems keep thisflawed notion resurrecting

That Repubs are the top 2% protecting.


Because Dems a key issue don’t understand,

They’re playing right into the GOP’s hand.


To see that, just look at what Republicans now propose,

And what they continue to vociferously oppose.


In order to protect their donor class,

Republicans have sold out the upper middle class.


For someone at the bottom of the top 2%,

Boehner’s proposal could create a new top marginal rate of 42%.


But for those at the tippy-tippy top,

The effect is any real tax increase to stop.


If, for example, you’re in the top point-one percent,

Your effective marginal tax rate would go up less than point-one percent.


Republicans and the point-one percenters they serve

Will do anything to keep from paying the taxes they deserve.


As usual, Repubs are a bunch of phonies

Out to protect their super-rich cronies.


(Boehner’s approach also makes tax forms more complicated,

Which Republicans have always claimed they hated.)


So Dems: let’s not fall for this GOP ploy

And chase this shiny “OK, we’ll tax the rich” decoy.


It’s just another Republican trick,

Somebody else with the tax bill to stick.


 Here’s Martin Bashir’s 12/05/12 panel discussion. (The quote is at the 3”50 mark.)

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Here’s Rep. Jan Shakowsky 12/05/12 on Rev. Al (the quote is at the 10”30 mark).

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