Section 5

November 10th, 2012

Inspired by Supreme Court Will Take New Look At Voting Rights Act (Huffington Post 11/09/12) and Justices to review key section of elections law (Robert Barnes, Washington Post 11/10/12 A1). The Supreme Court will review Section 5, which gave the Justice Department the authority to block GOP voter suppression efforts in states (mostly Southern ones) subject to “preclearance” due to their discriminatory histories.


“Keep voting rights alive
Don’t repeal Section 5.” – chant at next Supreme Court protest rally?


Overturning VRA Section 5

Is now one of the Right’s top priorities

Because it stopped GOP states

From discriminating against minorities.


Opponents say Section 5

Should no longer apply

Because they want to give

Voter suppression another try.


The risk of discrimination

Is not just “potential.”

And that is why Section 5

Is still essential.


P.S. to Rev. Al: Feel free to use my chant at your next rally.


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