Secret Millionaire Undercover Boss

March 12th, 2011

Inspired by the shows Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire.  

“Television is the opiate of the masses.” – Karl Marx (paraphrased)

There are two new economically relevant shows this season.

(It’s called reality TV for reason.)

Exploited at work and in life by a system that’s unfair?

Then trust your salvation to the Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire.

For those bosses and millionaires (mostly one and the same),

Handing out crumbs to the masses is just a reality show game.

For the rest of us, put your faith in your betters, and if you’re lucky,

Maybe your life won’t be quite as sucky.

Though unlikely, it’s comforting that you might be one of the lucky few

When there’s nothing much else that you and your family can do.

In the old days, workers used to have unions to protect them.

Now, those suffering injustices have to hope management will correct them.

Now, thanks to organized labor’s progressive power loss,

Workers must pray for intervention by an undercover boss.

Workers used to have hope their and their kids’ lives would be better,

But now it’s just the already rich who are doing better.

Now, working class people have to hope they’ll be the one in a million

Getting handouts from someone who’s already worth a few million.

That’s the bleak vision for the new world

That Republicans in DC, Wisconsin, and Ohio have unfurled.

Their rich supporters get tax cuts, less regulation, and other favors

That the fabulously wealthy and powerful corporate class favors.

The working class gets austerity,

And occassional (televized) charity.

It’s a trickle down lottery that a few token workers win,

And too many working class sheeple are taken in.

When not getting televized handouts, the lower classes can fight over scraps,

While watching the working and middle class economy collapse.

So watch both shows and escape your life for an hour,

And just hope that you’ll be one of the ones smiled on by those in power.

Or, you could rise up against the Republican corporatocracy.

After all, this is supposed to be a democracy.


Here are some scenes from Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire. No, not all and maybe not even most bosses or millionaires are bad people (and certainly not most of those featured on the shows). But unfortunately, the ones that are seem to be the ones with the most influence in American politics.

PS to CBS and ABC: Like the plug? Just Paypal me whatever you think is fair.

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