Secret Agents (or, Christine and Company’s Crazy Classified Claims)

October 5th, 2010

Inspired by the MSNBC reports below.

There’s more to the current crop of Teabaggers than meets the eye,

With secret back stories that their dull exteriors belie.

Christine O’Donnell says she has classified information

That China has a plan to take over our nation.

Carl Paladino was an undercover hostage negotiator during a college protest,

Though there were no hostages and noone backs up what he professed.

Dan Maes claims he was undercover for the Kansas Bureau of Investigations.

He got too close to important people and got fired, according to his allegations.

Allen West says he has a security clearance higher than Obama can obtain,

A statement which on its face is clearly insane.


Here’s Rachel’s 10/04/10 report on the Tea Party secret agent file.

Here’s Hardball’s 10/05/10 report with more on Christine O’Donnell’s crazy classified claim.


Here’s your theme music, Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers.

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