Seamus on You

April 28th, 2012

Inspired by the President’s Correspondents’ Dinner gag commercial about Seamus the dog. Sure, it’s funny, but there’s a serious side to what that tells us about Mitt Romney.


What does Seamusgate tells us about Mitt’s problem-solving?

He doesn’t care about those whose problem he’s resolving.


He solved the Seamus problem by hosing the dog down and putting him back on the roof,

Making the problem go away with a magical poof!


Romney’s “solution” didn’t relieve Seamus’s suffering, isolation, or intestinal distress,

But it did the inconvenience to Mr. Romney address.


So when Mitt Romney says he’ll make your problems disappear,

Does he just mean he’ll say what he has to to advance his career?


And if he’s elected and starts doing what he says he’ll do,

Will he really care about what’s best for me and you?


Here’s the President’s gag commerical about Seamus.

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