Scapegoat (or: Blame Has a Name)

October 14th, 2011

Inspired by The scapegoat strategy (Charles Krauthammer), How I’d deal with China’s cheating (Mitt Romney), and Obama, partisan in chief (Michael Gerson) from today’s Post.


“The feckless economic policies of the Obama administration have resulted in a 10 percent decline in our median income, persistent unemployment above 8 percent and collapsing home and asset values.” – Mitt Romney


“Obama’s new strategy: Don’t whine, blame. Attack. Indict. Accuse. Who? The rich—and their Republican protectors—for wrecking America.” – Charles Krauthammer


“It is an irony, but not a coincidence, that Barack Obama’s post-partisan era has seen the rise of the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street. Certainly, the momentum of polarization was strong before Obama arrived in Washington… But far from halting or reversing these trends, Obama has worsened them — setting the stage for the most polarized election of recent history.” – Michael Gerson 


Page A17 of today’s Post contains the interesting juxtaposition

Of two articles neatly summarizing the GOP’s “blame Obama” position.


Even in an article about China’s trade cheating,

Mitt feels obliged to begin with the stock anti-Obama bleating.


(Of course, the fact that all that happened before Obama became Pres

Has absolutely no bearing on what Romney says.)


Krauthammer blames the blamee for confronting his attackers

And pointing out the policy errors of Republicans and their backers.


In refuting his straw man of blame, Chuck is so admirably analytical,

But his reticence refuting right-wing blame of Obama is somewhat hypocritical.


And Chuck, even though it may feel that way to you,

It’s not scapegoating if it happens to be true.


That’s like blaming the victim for finally getting the nerve

To suggest bullies be given the opprobrium they deserve.


A few pages earlier, Gerson blames Obama for his belated reaction

To three years of criticism from the “blame Obama” faction.


Given the right’s record of resistance, it’s beyond belief

That Mr. Compromise is really the “partisan in chief.”


That’s like blaming Hitler’s victims and the Allies for World War Two

Because they refused to do what he wanted them to.


Oh blame, blame,

You have a name.


It is Gerson and Romney and Charles Krauthammer,

And the rest of those seduced by “blame Obama” enamor.


Your blaming Obama for blaming you is really quite ironic,

Since your endless blame of him is so histrionic.



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