Saved by the Bell or Trouble With the Curve?

September 25th, 2012

Inspired by Deep Red Polling Mystery (Nate Silver,  9/25/12).


Romney reportedly has just a 22% chance of wining.

So why is the GOP candidate still grinning?


Why has the echo chamber, one and all,

Rallied to Romney’s biased poll call?


Is it just self-deceiving wishful thinking

And collective right-wing Kool-Aid drinking?


Sure, the odds Mitt faces may be long,

But what if Republicans are right that the polls are wrong?


Interpreting polls is part science and part art,

So to answer that question, let’s take a look at the chart.


What we have here is called a bell curve,

Because it rises in the middle while the ends downward swerve.


The shaded area on the right is Mitt’s salvation,

And according to Fox News, that of our nation.


The most likely outcomes cluster in the center,

And it takes unusual circumstances, the shaded area to enter.


Repubs want the curve (like Mitt’s message) to be pushed to the right.

Is there anything happening that maybe just might?


What might there be that the GOP could do,

Election results on the curve rightward to skew?


Is there a way Repubs could create an unprecedented shift

Romney’s electoral prospects upward to lift?


All they have to do is move the curve a few inches over,

And then the contest would be effectively over.


It turns out there is a way, and Republicans are doing it:

It you can’t win the vote fairly, then just try trueing it.


That’s why they’re doubling down on voter suppression,

As described in PA’s Mike Turzai’s public confession.


Unfortunately, we’re not talking about maybes anymore,

But an unprecedented anti-democracy war.


Thankfully, some of the GOP’s plans have been thwarted,

But there’s still plenty left which the election has distorted.


It’s not a question of whether it’ll happen, but how much.

Maybe it’s Dems, not Repubs, who are out of touch.


Here’s Rachel’s 9/25/12 report mocking Republican assertions that the polls are wrong. But what if they are?

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Here are scenes from the 2012 movie (no chairs this time) and the 1989-93 series (the class president episode) which inspired our title.

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