Ryan Punts the Can

April 5th, 2011

Inspired by Crunch time for budget impasse, Will Obama take on Ryan, Washington’s hostages: Shutting down federal offices would be foolish (Washington Post 4/04/11), Time running out for budget deal, (Washington Post 4/05/11),and Can House finance chief Paul Ryan sell his budget to Americans? – The Washington Post (WashingtonPost.com 4/05/11 12:20).

“We can’t keep kicking this can down the road. The president has punted. We’re not going to follow suit.”– Paul Ryan, even though the current Dem proposal cuts more than his own opening bid

In any negotiation, you always start asking for more,

As I’m sure House Budget Chair Ryan has done many times before.

Ryan kicked off the 2011 budget negotiation with a proposed $32 billion in cuts,

Hedged with a collection of ifs, ands, or buts.

Now, Dems have gone his original proposal one billion better,

Which you’d  think he’d like even better.

Instead, he’s pandering to the GOP’s Tea Party master,

In spite of the risk of financial disaster.

Even John Boehner  says a shutdown would cost more than it would save,

Which you’d think would induce the Tea Party toddlers to behave.

$30 plus billion in cuts was good enough for Ryan before,

But suddenly it’s not enough anymore.

Visavis punting, Ryan retreated quickly from what he thought was right

The second he was challenged by the Tea Party right.

And it’s amusing that Ryan’s vaunted long-term budget

Takes until 2063 to balance the budget.

Now that’s what I’d call  kicking the can,

Which Ryan seems to be able to do as well as anyone can.


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