Rush’s Crude Analysis (or, Now We Know Who to Blame)

May 19th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier post about oil spill blame, It Wasn’t Me.

Until now, all the bad guys were passing the buck

And trying their share of the blame to duck.

Until now, we just didn’t know who should be faulted.

Until, that is, we heard from The Exalted.

El Rushbo has claimed

(No, make that proclaimed),

That this environmental assault

Is the Sierra Club’s fault.

While that may seem counterintuitive

To those who in the real word live,

Rush makes it all sound so logical

That the Sierra Club is anti-ecological.

Rush’s impeccable logic

(Not the least bit demagogic):

Since enviros don’t allow drilling on land anymore,

Poor helpless Big Oil has been forced offshore.

First of all, Rush is factually wrong:

The Sierra Club (unfortunately) isn’t that strong.

In fact, the opposite has been true:

It’s Big Oil that has been telling the country what to do.

For eight long years, Big Oil got its way:

Instead of selling out like most Repubs, Bushies just gave it away.

Bush’s energy policy was written by oil execs,

Who plied pliant Bush officials with cocaine and sex.

Not to mention oil prices rose by a factor of ten,

Until the Republican Recession drove them back down again.

Now that’s what I call an energy policy,

The outgrowth of which we now plainly see.

Domestic oil production is indeed up an oil-fouled creek

(It’s been falling steadily since it’s 1970 peak),

But that’s not due to environmental regulation.

If you doubt that, Rush, read Big Oil’s own explanation.

Most domestic on-shore wells are past their commercial prime,

So before you start gushing nonsense, do a Google search next time.

Then again, why let pesky things like facts into your message to intrude.

That might force you to make your “analysis” less patently… crude.


Here’s Hardball’s 5/19/10 update on the oil spill, including video of Rush Limbaugh’s revelation that it’s actually the Sierra Club’s fault. (Not on that, I find it interesting that he’s now admitting how dangerous offshore oil drilling is.)

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