July 22nd, 2010

Inspired by Sharron Angle’s press conference yesterday…

Sharron Angle outdid herself yesterday—

She called a press conference, and then ran away.

OK, it’s a bit of a stretch to say she ran away

(Except for figuratively speaking, anyway).

Let’s just say she escaped at a brisk walk,

Unwilling with journalists or the broader public to actually talk.

It’s funny to watch when the Q&A is announced,

And Sharron sneaks out before the journalists pounced.

A few followed her out to her car.

They tried to ask questions, but didn’t get far.

She did make a prepared statement before fleeing

And signed a giant oath, with the estate tax disagreeing.

I guess that was all she had to say

(Or all that her handlers would allow, anyway).

Sharron’s handlers must be afraid of her straying from what they rehearse–

As bad as running away looks, I guess letting her speak would be worse.

Fleeing one’s own press conference is something I’ve never heard of before.

Words say a lot, but sometimes actions say more.

In this case, Sharron showed what kind of a senator she’d be

(Not the kind we need, it seems to me).

So thanks, Sharron, for the revelation–

You may have just saved Western Civilization.


Here’s Countdown’s “Run Sharron Run” update on Sharron Angle’s efforts to avoid the press – this time at her own press conference, along with discussion of the newly-formed Tea Party Caucus by Politics Daily’s Alex Wagner (beautiful AND smart, as opposed to Fox News headline readers like Alisyn Camerasluta, whose endowments tend more towards the physical).

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Hardball’s 7/22/10 “Big Number” report on the same subject, including great footage of Angle turning tail and taking off after the Q&A session is announced.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And here’s your theme music (and by “your” I mean you, Sharron), Runaway by Del Shannon. I wonder why she did run away…

Here’s Jefferson Starship’s version, plus a few more songs about running away.

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