Run Rabbit Run (or, Captain Kirk Makes His Escape)

June 22nd, 2010

Inspired by Mark Kirk makes like bunny, flees from press (Greg Hinz, 6/21/10).

“Mr. Kirk arrived after lunch, coming in via a side door. He spoke for about 20 minutes, than walked down from the dais to have his picture taken with MPC President MarySue Barrett. As soon as that was done — with a swarm of TV cameras and reporters moving toward the front of the ballroom — Mr. Kirk bolted for a back door.  With media in hot pursuit, he raced through a Hyatt kitchen and into the back seat of a black SUV — I believe it was a Cadillac Escalade — which instantly peeled out.” – reporter Greg Hinz re Mark Kirk’s attempt to avoid reporters at a recent campaign lunch.

Run, rabbit, run:

Reporting on Tea Party candidates is fun.

It’s risky when Teabaggers leaves the safety of their herds–

Journalists might end up reporting their actual words.

Sharron Angle has learned this lesson

And has limited media contact, major gaffes to lessen.

(She’ll still have a few every once in a while,

Even when speaking to media that’s not hostile.)

The solution is to stay in your happy media cocoon,

And avoid questions that might be inopportune.

Rand Paul showed what happens when you stray

And America hears what you actually have to say.

Mark Kirk has tried a different approach:

He runs away when reporters attempt to approach.

(In fairness to Sharron, she has also used this technique,

When to avoid reporters she did seek.)

In an attempt to be nice,

Here’s my unsolicited advice:

How to escape those reporters trying to run you down?

Beam me up, Scotty Brown.


Here’s Mark Kirk being attacked by the relentless media. Thankfully, he escapes (for now).

Sorry, wrong video. That was actually a scene from the original Star Trek seris. Here’s ABC’s report on Captain Kirk’s escape escape from the media.

Here’s Hardball’s 6/16/10 report on Captain Kirk and fellow runner Sharron Angle (plus a bonus comment on J.D. Hayworth’s government money hucksterism).


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And here’s your theme music, the old radio classic Run Rabbit Run by 1940s comedy duo Flanagan & Allen (of course there’s also the Eminem song from 8 Mile, but I like to keep this website PG-13).

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