(Roving) Eye of the Tiger

December 12th, 2009

As everyone who hasn’t been in a coma for the last few weeks knows, Tiger Woods crashed his car into a fire hydrant and was unconscious in his car after the accident. His wife had to break the car window with a gold club to get into the car. The accident launched a media frenzy that has now culminated in the revelation that Tiger has had a series of affairs over the last seven years, and Tiger’s online announcement yesterday that he’s taking an “indefinite break” from professional golf.

Most people in the public eye

Don’t like it when reporters pry

Into their private affairs

(Especially the affairs).


Tiger’s incredible talent has taken him far

(Indeed, he’s more like a rock star).

He’s the highest earning athlete in history

(Which means he’s making a lot more than me).


When there’s an accident, people can’t help gawking.

When there’s juicy gossip, you can’t stop people from talking.

Human beings are by nature curious,

Even if that is sometimes injurious.


But we’re not just that with the rich and famous—

We’re that way with anyone (to a degree that shames us)

When a coworker, friend, or relative messes up,

The gossip will be endless (especially if he/she fesses up).


I feel bad for Tiger’s wife and two children–

They didn’t ask to be in the situation they’re in.

Fame and fortune aren’t just a Garden of Eden

(At least they’ll have privacy on that island in Sweden).


The financial impact of these events

Will cost Tiger millions in lost endorsements.

And if his wife demands a divorce,

That will cost him even more, of course.


Tiger has announced he’s taking “an indefinite break

Which means that professional golf a lot less money will make.

When he took off eight months for an operation on his knee

Golf ratings went down 50% on TV.


No, this kind of thing is bad for all concerned.

So is there a lesson to be learned?

Maybe it’s just that when the mighty fall

That interests the rest of us most of all.

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