Root Canal Republicans

April 5th, 2011

Inspired by Paul Ryan, GOP Rising Star Or ‘Root Canal’ Republican? (Huffington Post 4/05/11 19:33).


“Root Canal Republican” isn’t an accurate metaphor

To explain the reason Paul Ryan is proposing his budget plan for.

A root canal is a painful but sometimes necessary to save your teeth

By drilling through them to get rid of the infection underneath.

But that’s not at all what Ryan’s “GOP Path” is about–

He just wants to cut your dental (and other) care, and let all your teeth fall out.

It’s true Ryan’s plan is all about meting out pain and gain,

It’s just that the people who get them aren’t the same.


Here’s Chris Matthews’ 4/05/11 “Let Me Finish” comment on the GOP proposal to privatize Medicare.

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