Ron Pot 2012 (or should be Paul Pot 2012?)

May 6th, 2011

An open letter (in verse) to young Ron Paul supporters.


I get that you guys like to smoke pot.

I get that you like to smoke it a lot.


I get that you want it to be legal and all,

And for that reason a lot of you support Ron Paul.


But I don’t get why you’ve fallen for his other views,

Which personal freedom with ending government confuse.


I don’t get why you support his crazy positions,

Which happen to be shared by extreme-right politicians.


(Maybe the reason why

Is that crazy ideas sound better when you’re high.)


Instead, why not support Barney Frank:

He too supports legalization, but isn’t a crank.


Here’s a video compendium of statements by Ron Paul, President Obama, and others on legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana.


Here’s Ron Paul at the Republican presidential debate. I do (basically) agree with Ron Paul on marijuana and the importance of individual liberties. However, American history has show that Paul’s “leave it to the states” approach (which he talks about in this clip) is a much greater threat to individual liberty than the federal government ever was (e.g., Southern states’ violent opposition to civili rights and state laws criminalizing homosexuality).


For more on my own views, read Don’t Fear the Reefer (including some great background music. I definitely favor decriminalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana use, but not necessarily full legalization in order to allow courts to continue to require treatment for marijuana abusers. I do favor medical marijuana.

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