Romney’s Real Economy

September 5th, 2011

A follow-up to Mitt Romney, Tea Party Tactician, inspired by Romney’s ‘real economy’ is unfamiliar to most (Washington Post9/05/11).


“I have spent most of my life outside of politics, solving real problems in the real economy.” — Mitt Romney


“Basically, he cut our throats.” — one of the many workers Romney fired during his Bain years


Romney’s notion of what’s “real”

Makes his aloofness hard to conceal.


In Mitt’s world, many happily suffer for the luxury of a few.

(The latter doesn’t include me, and probably not you.)


A 3000 square foot beach house must be razed because it’s 8000 too small,

Which to the rest of us doesn’t sound like the real world at all.


In Mitt’s world, all wealth rightly flows to the job creator,

Who if you’re lucky will hire you as a sales clerk or waiter.


The corporations he flipped are people like you and me,

Though the real people he fired might disagree.


Does that description your world to describe begin?

Is Mitt’s world the same one you’re living in?


No, Mitt’s world sounds more like a bad reality show

Than the real world the rest of us know.


But most of us know reality shows aren’t real,

Just carefully staged to achieve maximum appeal.


(That sounds a lot like Romney’s campaign,

So maybe the comparison is germane.)


Mitt’s financial machinations

Aren’t what creates the wealth of nations.


Instead, his leveraged buyouts and private equity

Have contributed to our growing income inequity.


Buying and selling people’s livelihood might make you rich,

But for the people who lose their jobs, it’s a bitch.


Mitt joked about being unemployed, but never experienced that pain,

Though he has forced it on others for his own personal gain.


He offers “No Apology” for the people he laid off

(He had to so he and his investors could get paid off).


No, Mitt, you don’t really know what the real economy is,

But when it comes to feathering your own nest, you’re a whiz.


Here’s one of the ads Teddy Kennedy had but did not run against Romney during their 1994 Senate contest. Is that the real economy Mitt knows and loves?

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