Romney’s Healthcare Hypocrisy

May 13th, 2012

Inspired by As first act, out with ObamaCare (Mitt Romney, USA Today 5/11/12) and Mitt Romney’s healthcare speech yesterday at the University of Michigan.


“Unlike Obama, I’ll keep my promise to reform our broken healthcare system, with the same free market based approach that was proven successful in Massachusetts.” — What Mitt Romney would now be saying if Obama had abandoned his healthcare reform promise as Republicans now say he should have




If Obama had succumbed to GOP opposition

And dropped his healthcare reform position,

What would Mitt Romney be saying now?

You can bet he’s be trumpeting Romneycare (and how).


Here’s Romney’s healthcare speech in Michigan yesterday. In Mitt’s attack on Obamacare, he hypocritically runs away from most of Romneycare. But imagine if President Obama had cancelled his plans to reform healthcare like the GOP says he should have? (So Obama could have instead focused on trying to pass more economic measures, which Republicans then could have focused on blocking?) If he had, you can bet that Mitt Romney would now be attacking Obama for having reneged on his promise to reform healthcare, and blaming Obama for the stratospheric increase in healthcare costs that resulted from that broken promise. Instead of running away from Romneycare, Mitt would now be trumpeting the proven success of his free-market based approach to healthcare reform.

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One Response to “Romney’s Healthcare Hypocrisy”

  1. Jorge Says:

    It is simple rlealy .the majority of moderates and independents support health care reform by delaying reform until 2013 Obama/Democrats will be able to use it to beat Republicans to death in the elections by telling the absolute truth that Republicans are OWNED by the Insurance Industry and will kill reform should they be elected back into power.Healthcare reform will be a long used tool by Democrats for years to come more so when Americans get use to paying less for health care the attack will be “Elect Republicans and they will reach into your wallet, take your money, and give it to their Rich Masters in the Insurance Industry”.When people are use to paying less for something as important in their lives as healthcare, they will NOT vote for anyone who will increase those costs .and that means Greed driven Republicans.Obama is smarter than any Republican isn’t he? References :

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