Romney Picks Ryan

August 11th, 2012


Is T-Paw T-Pissed

That he the VP nod missed?

He’s the erstwhile rival who worked hardest for Mitt,

And now he doesn’t even get the warm bucket of spit.


And how about VA Governor Bob

Who Mitt made think was getting the job?

How mean is Mitt to announce in the Old Dominion

And then not even pick aVirginian?


Will Chris Christie

Get misty?

Will he endure the emotional pain

And continue for Mitt to campaign?


And what about Rob Portman fromOhio?

Will he quietly into the night now go?

Portman has a unique talent to into the background recede,

Perhaps the only one who could Romney’s ability to do that exceed.


What about Marco Rubio and the Latino vote?

Are Mitt’s chances with Hispanics now even more remote?

Or, will Marco accept the sting of rejection

And still try to help Mitt win the election?


And will Mitt’s passing over Bobby Jindal

Cause his chances in the South to dwindle?

Or is he better without Bobby’s strange demeanor,

Perhaps with somebody who comes across meaner.


Sorry guys, but Paul Ryan’s the one.

The next three months sure will be fun!


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